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Savory Gluten Free Apple Crumble! You Don’t Know What You’re Missin’

Apple Crumble Gluten Free Recipe

It is likely that you or someone in your family is gluten-intolerant or chooses to eat a gluten-free diet. Instead of having to miss out on all the yummy dishes at family dinners, or being stuck making your own food to bring, this Apple Crumble Gluten Free Recipe is a perfect way to make sure everyone has something they are able to enjoy.

If no one in your family is gluten intolerant, feel free to make these without the gluten-free options, as the recipe will work out the same.

Due the fact that this is a Ronco recipe and they instruct to use a Ronco Rotisserie, I wanted to mention that baking them in the oven works just as well if you don’t use their product.


  • 4 small to medium Honey Crisp Apples (these guys can get pretty big so choose tennis ball-sized apples)
  • 1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 16 Gingersnaps (gluten-free)
  • Coconut Oil Spray
  • Jar of gluten-free caramel sauce
  • Pecans (about 1 cup)
  • Vanilla ice cream (make sure it’s gluten free) 


  • Slice apples in half and remove core with melon baller. Place Apples onto your Rotisserie basket.
  • Lightly spray with Coconut Oil spray. Sprinkle each apple half with equal parts of pumpkin pie spice, and top with a spoonful of brown sugar.
  • Cook in your Rotisserie for 15 minutes, or until apples are brown and looking delicious.
  • While your apples are cooking, make whipped cream (optional). In a clean, dry bowl add 1 cup of cold heavy whipping cream, beat until soft peaks form. Add in ½ cup of confectioners sugar and a pinch of ginger, mix on low to incorporate.
  • To serve, crumble 1 ginger snap cookie onto serving plate, top with apple, caramel sauce, ice cream, pecans and gingered whipped cream. Serve warm

You can see a video demonstration of these being made on Page (2) below …

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