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Who Knew Healthy Could Taste This GOOD!! I Couldn’t Stop Eating It!

BEST Gluten Free Banana Bread

My mom had requested I make gluten free banana bread so that all of her friends were able to enjoy it. At first I was unsure how good a Gluten Free Banana Bread would turn out, but I could not believe how AMAZING this banana bread came out! It uses absolutely no gluten, and tastes even better than any other banana bread I’ve ever made! Maybe it was the dates, applesauce, or the almond milk, but this super moist banana bread won my heart and the hearts of mom and all of her friends!

When using oat flour, sometimes the top browns quicker than the bread cooks. Despite it being a little brown, it was far from burnt and still tasted amazing! You could drizzle some honey or powdered sugar icing over this, or leave it as is.

On the Next Page you will find the recipe ingredients and a video that shows you exactly how to make this Gluten Free Banana Bread that is out of this world delicious.

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