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These Cake Pops Are Even Better Than Moms!

Cake pops have been a lasting dessert craze! They’re basically balls of cake, stuck on sticks and dipped into frosting or chocolate. This recipe features four of the absolute best ideas and recipes for making the most irresistable cake pops! The secret to getting your cake to form into balls without falling apart is by adding frosting to the cake crumbs. The cakes crumble super easily and turns into a gooey mixture so that you can roll them into balls.

My absolute favorite cake pops are the red velvet cake pops. They’re beautiful, perfect for Valentine’s Day, and I LOVE cream cheese frosting! The birthday cake pops are quite festive and are great for birthday parties. My favorite part about the Oreo ones is that they’re coated in Oreo cream! I think this is a super creative idea and these are my kid’s favorite!

If your mouth is watering just thinking about them, head to the Next Page to learn how to make all 4 varieties of cake pops…

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