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Twice Baked Candied Almond Sweet Potatoes

Candied Almond Sweet Potatoes

These amazingly delicious Twice Baked Candied Almond Sweet Potatoes put a totally new and unique spin on traditional sweet potato dishes. Sweet potatoes are very common around the holidays. If you need a great side to bring to your family’s Thanksgiving or holiday party or dinner, these great potatoes will make a perfect addition to any meal!

These are surprisingly easy to make and compared to the hassle and time consumption of other sweet potato recipes, this couldn’t be any simpler. The almonds on top give this dish the perfect crunch to balance out the soft potatoes.

If you’d rather substitute the almonds for another nut or seed, I suggest pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, or honey roasted peanuts as an alternative. This is basically sweet, creamy mashed sweet potatoes that have been scooped back into the potato skin! This is definitely a creative and delicious way to serve your sweet potatoes at any dinner.


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