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Decadent Caramel Apple Butter Truffles Recipe

Caramel Apple Butter Truffles Recipe

Whenever I hear the word, “truffles” I can’t help but immediately begin CRAVING them. But when I heard about these, I ran right out to the store to pick up some Apple Butter and caramels because I knew I had to try these Caramel Apple Butter Truffles!

These don’t even require baking, just a refrigerator! I had a ton of fun crushing up the cookies and dipping them into the vanilla almond bark. These were by far the best tasting truffles I had ever had!

The caramel and apple butter filling was creamy and irresistibly good! I ate about 7 of these before stopping myself. These would be a perfect Christmas dessert or a perfect finger-food for parties or any other event!

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