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I Tried These Cheesy Garlic Baked Tomatoes Last Night.. WOW!

Cheesy Garlic Baked Tomatoes Recipe

I had never tried baked tomatoes before, but this Cheesy Garlic Baked Tomatoes Recipe tempted me to try something new. These baked tomatoes are certainly easy, cook quickly, and they make a great side dish! I love how soft and warm the tomatoes are! Poking them with a stick to soften them up is definitely a good idea. This way, the tomatoes absorb all the olive oil and the seasonings while they’re cooking.

I had a lot of fun making the topping for these tomatoes in my food processor. I used Romano cheese but parmesan or even mozzarella cheese also works well. Garlic and Basil are two of my favorite seasonings, so I loved the idea of using it in this recipe!

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Cook Temp: 500 Degrees F  –  Cooking Time: 10-15 Minutes 


4 PLUM TOMATOES (roma is a type of plum tomato)
½ cup toasted WALNUTS
½ cup fresh BASIL
½ cup ROMANO CHEESE (or sub Parmesan cheese)
2-3 cloves GARLIC
SALT and PEPPER (to taste) 


Slice tomatoes lengthwise in half, and then slice a sliver off of the rounded backside so that the tomatoes rest flat.
Using a fork, tenderize the tops of the tomato halves, but do not poke the fork all the way through.
Arrange tomatoes on a baking sheet.

Season the tomato tops with salt and pepper, and then coat the tomato tops lightly with olive oil.
Bake in an oven preheated at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes, or until the edges of the tomatoes begin to brown.

While the tomatoes bake, place basil, walnuts, cheese, and garlic in a food processor and pulse conservatively until the topping ingredients
resemble tabouli.

Remove tomatoes from the oven. Add any oil and juices on the baking sheet into the blended basil/walnut/cheese topping. Also add
½ to 1 tsp olive oil if desired. Mix ingredients and then mound the topping evenly over each tomato.

Return tomatoes to the oven and continue baking at 500 degrees F for another 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, turn oven to broil and let tomatoes broil 1-2 minutes longer, or until tops have browned; watch them closely!

And that’s it. Let them cool for a few minutes and serve. It’s a great appetizer, side, or can even be the main course of a vegetarian meal.
The blended topping has a terrific, meaty texture. The baked tomatoes are quite filling, and delicious. I hope you like it!
Definitely give this Baked Tomato Recipe a try and let me know what you think, and bon appétit!

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