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Chunky Chocolate Pistachio Sea Salt Cookies – Things Just Got Real!

Chunky Chocolate Pistachio Sea Salt Cookies

“Absolutely mouthwatering” are the only words I could string together to describe the heavenly greatness of these amazing cookies! Chunky Chocolate Pistachio Sea Salt Cookies is certainly a tongue twisting title but that doesn’t take away from the unique flavor of this recipe!

I’m a sucker for Pistachios, but I have to admit: never have I considered putting them into chocolate cookies and then topping them with sea salt. I was still reluctant about the idea of it as I was sticking them into the oven, but sure enough, they came out looking and tasting incredible.

The pistachios leave patches of pretty green on the cookie, giving them a festive appearance. These would even make a great addition to your Christmas cookie tin. These cookies are soft with chewy pistachios and an incredible flavor that is enhanced by the sprinkle of sea salt.

On Page 2 you can get the recipe and instructions for making these insanely delicious cookies…

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