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No More Greasy Fast Food! Make Your Own Homemade Copycat Big Mac

McDonald's Copycat Big Mac Recipe

We all try to hide it but I can’t lie. Every time I pass a Mcdonalds I’m tempted to run in and grab a Big Mac and a medium fry. Unfortunately, if I did this as often as I wanted to, I probably wouldn’t be around to share this great recipe with you.

Avoid the temptation of the greasy fast food and prepare this Copycat Big Mac on your own, at home, in a much healthier way. This way, you know where your meat is coming from and you can put on or take off whatever you’d like to customize your Big Mac.

A made-at-home burger tastes better than fast food any day, but this Big Mac recipe is over the top!

McDonald's Copycat Big Mac Recipe


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