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The Thought Of It Is Enough To Make My Mouth Water!!

Triple Chocolate Pound Cake

Triple Chocolate Pound Cake! The thought of it is enough to make my mouth water. This incredible recipe is moist, chocolaty, and absolutely flawless! Cutting into this pound cake reveals a super smooth, dense cake that is anything but dry! The secret ingredient in this pound cake is the addition of the sour cream. This makes every bite super creamy and moist. While this isn’t an ordinary pound cake, it holds the same texture and moistness as a traditional pound cake. The only difference is this one is even better because it’s rich and chocolatey! The ganache is velvety and super sweet. It’s super creamy and makes the most delicious topping for this perfect pound cake! This icing is so good; I was tempted to lick it straight from the bowl!

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