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You’ll Slurp Up Every Drop Of This! It’s THAT Good!

When it comes to hot chocolate, I love a cup here and there during the cold winter months. Sometimes I make it festive and stick a candy cane in it. When I came across this video, I could not hotchocolate1believe how thick, creamy and rich this Italian Hot Chocolate looked! I knew I HAD to try this as soon as I could! The heavy cream thickens to give you a super rich and smooth consistency. I definitely recommend sticking with dark chocolate for this recipe so that it isn’t overly sweet. Milk chocolate tends to be much sweeter than dark chocolate and may be overpowering for this recipe.

Not only was this a fun recipe to make, I LOVED this homemade italian hot chocolate! I put a big dollop of fresh whipped cream on it and drank it on my couch while watching a movie. Everything about it was perfect!

Learn how to make your own gourmet italian hot chocolate on the Next Page with ingredients and instructions.

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