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This Unbelievable Chicken Recipe Has Ingredients You’ve Got To See To Believe!

Grilled Soda Chicken Recipe

Grilled chicken is an easy, common, and yummy meal but can unfortunately get boring very quickly. This recipe features something a little unusual to keep your chicken dinner routine fresh and interesting! This Grilled Soda Chicken is made with lemon lime soda. The soda is the secret ingredient in this recipe because it makes the meat SO unbelievably tender! Once you see how amazing it comes out, you’ll be quick to include soda in all of your chicken recipes!

To get an amazing and spicy flavor, this recipe also features soy sauce and hot chili peppers. You could use less or more depending on how spicy you’d like it. Sometimes I also like to add a bit of honey to the mixture or glaze it with honey barbeque sauce for a sweet and spicy contrasting taste. I’ve never had grilled chicken come out as well as this Grilled Soda Chicken! With its great flavor and incredible tenderness, you and your family will be blown away by your amazing dinner!

This recipe is easy to make and on the Next Page you can get the full recipe and cooking directions to make this delicious Grilled Soda Chicken.

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