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How To Make Crunchy Delectable Homemade Candied Pecans!

Candied Pecans

This is the perfect treat for the holiday season or all year long! It’s great because all you need to make this is three ingredients and some water. Forget measurements, there isn’t a way to mess up these crunchy Homemade Candied Pecans.

These are also great to keep on your counter and offer to anyone who walks into your home. These are loved by everybody and are definitely one of the simplest Christmas candy recipes!

These are incredibly delicious and sweet! Give this recipe a try this season and you will experience pecans like you’ve never experienced them before!

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Homemade Candied Pecans Recipe


Granulated Sugar


1. Put pecans in pot and turn stove to medium-high heat
2. Add just enough water to cover the bottom halves of the pecans
3. Add twice as much sugar as water *Better to have too much sugar than too much water
*If in doubt, add more sugar. The leftover sugar will just crumble away and can be sifted out later
4. Add 4-5 pinches of cinnamon
5. Stir continuously until sugar crystallizes and becomes crumbly
*Will take about 15 minutes
6. Once this happens, remove from heat spread on baking tray, and let cool
7. DIG IN or give away as gifts!

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