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You Haven’t Tasted REAL Churros Till You’ve Tried This Homemade Churros Recipe!

Homemade Churros Recipe

Churros were originally a Mexican dessert, but have overpopulated theme parks and other attractions all over the world. It’s hit or miss with this dessert when it comes to buying them from vendors or restaurants. They’re either fresh with a great taste or slightly stale with a distorted hint of some sort of spice… cinnamon maybe?

Don’t fall for sketchy churros when you can use your own Homemade Churros Recipe without much effort. This is a recipe to top all other churro sellers!

I made this for my oldest son’s birthday party two weeks ago and was surprised how great these came out! I made a cream cheese dip and a buttery cinnamon dip to go with these and the guests couldn’t keep their hands off of them! The kids and adults alike were reaching for a second, third, even fourth one! Needless to say, these are definitely worth a shot! 

Get everything you need to make these including a video tutorial on Page 2 below …

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