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Forget The Cans! This Is The Tastiest Soup I’ve Ever Eaten!

Cream Of Mushroom Soup Recipe

Cream of Mushroom soup is one of my favorites! Who doesn’t love mushrooms? Sometimes I cheat and use the packets or canned mushroom soups, but this Quick and Easy Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup tastes incredible and is so much better for you!

This easy factor is what made me think “I have to try this!” I had everything I needed in my fridge and cabinets so I went ahead and made this. I definitely am glad I did! Everything about the soup is perfect. The half and half provides perfect creaminess, the chicken broth makes sure every bite is coated in flavor, and the sliced mushrooms provide great substance! I LOVE this soup!

For The Full List Of Tasty Ingredients & Directions Please Head Over To Page 2 Where We Show You How To Make This Delicious Recipe…

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