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Learn How To Crimp Pies Like A Pro! See 20 Different Techniques!

How To Crimp Pies Like A Pro

It’s likely you’ve seen some pretty gorgeous pies in your lifetime, yet never bothered to attempt the fancier methods of pie crust sculpting. I had NO idea it was this easy to crimp pies and create insanely pretty pie crusts!

This video on How To Crimp Pies Like a Pro is short and simple, giving you 20 different and easy pie crimping techniques to spruce up your pies this Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ve already started attempting some of these techniques and they’ve all turned out beautifully!

I just finished using the braided technique on my blueberry pie for this Thanksgiving and it has to be one of the prettiest ways I have ever displayed my pie crust!

Watch this short video and get some pie inspiration and you will know how to crimp pies like a pro! 

My Thanks go to Libbie Summers for this featured video.

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