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I’ve Died And Gone To Monkey Bread Heaven! The Flavor Is Insane!

Garlic Monkey Bread

garlicmonkeybreadGarlic bread is in high demand in my home! I’m always making some whenever I make any pasta dish. This recipe isn’t for your typical sliced garlic bread. This video shows you how easy it is to make SENSATIONAL Cheesy Pull Apart Garlic Monkey Bread. These garlic rolls are literally mini, savory individual pieces of garlic monkey bread. It uses biscuits for super fluffy and great tasting bread. After mixing it with a generous amount of cheese, parsley, and butter, they’re dropped into muffin tins and baked.

They rise up in the oven and come out incredibly light and delicious! They are so easy to pull apart into bite size pieces so that you don’t have to attempt to bite into the whole chunk of garlic bread. I’m not sure if it’s the cheesiness, the flavoring, or the uniqueness, but this recipe is CONSTANTLY being requested in my home! Don’t they look AMAZING?

On Page 2 you will find everything you need to learn how to make these insanely delicious Garlic Rolls Including a video demonstration…

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