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Bacon… Mushrooms.. Need I Say More?

I absolutely love mushrooms! I sauté them and put them on everything I possibly can. Since stuffed mushrooms are one of my favorite foods, when I saw this Stuffed Mushroom Bacon Balls recipe, I ran right out to pick out some Champagne mushrooms and made these incredible mushroom bacon balls for dinner! These delicious mushroom bacon balls are stuffed with creamy herb and garlic cream cheese, cubed cheese, (I used mozzarella) and ground beef. They are then wrapped in slices of bacon and then cooked to perfection! Biting into one of these is like experiencing heaven on earth! The crispy and flavorful bacon gives the handheld mushroom balls an incredible flavor.

BBQ Shroomballz as they are called by the wonderful folks at ‘The Backyard BBQ Show’ are easy to make and you can get all the details for making this amazing recipe on the Next Page.

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