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Unbelievably Easy and So Much Flavor!

Who doesn’t’ love a big, colorful plate of yummy sushi? With this Sushi Rice Dip, you don’t even need to leave home or cut up fish to prepare a dip that is even better than traditional sushi. While this recipe is totally vegetarian, it still completely reminds me of a big sushi dinner. It’s easier to prepare and is so good! Especially when served with seaweed chips. The dip is basically rice encasing some mouthwateringly yummy mushrooms, green onions, and avocado.

The sauce that gives this dip such a yummy flavoring is the soy sauce and brown sugar. It’s sweet, salty, and so much fun to make! When you flip the rice dip out of the container, all of the rice stays together so that you can dig into it with your seaweed chips. Anyone who likes sushi will LOVE this Sushi Rice Dip Recipe!

On the Next Page we will show you everything you need to make this incredible dip and on Page 3 you can watch a video of this recipe being made…

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