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Now You Can Have Your S’Mores & Eat Them Too Without A Fire!

Want the delicious taste of S’mores even if you don’t have a fire going? You can easily make these amazing Marshmallow S’mores Treats with only a microwave and 4 ingredients. This incorporates the crunchy graham crackers, the sweet and fluffy marshmallows, and the rich delicious chocolate, all into one dish. You can make a large dish of this, and then cut it into squares! This makes it easy to make a bunch of this yummy dessert all at once. The marshmallow thickens and binds with the graham crackers, so that it holds its shape once you cut it. This is such a fun recipe to make!

You can get your entire family involved. My kids LOVE making (and devouring) this irresistible recipe! This is by far the easiest S’more recipe out there!

For all the recipe ingredients and baking instructions head over to the Next Page for all the details.

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