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You Don’t Have To Be Irish To LOVE These Cookies!

Double Fudge Irish Cream Cookies

These Double Fudge Irish Cream Cookies are a classic! These pretty color contrasting, sweet cookies are made with real Irish cream liqueur and taste amazing! They’re soft, chewy and irresistible. I love the rich chocolaty flavor these cookies give off. The coffee powder really enhances the cocoa and makes for a super dark cookie. The white chocolate chips look beautiful in the cookie and make them taste even better! Since white chocolate is often sweeter than cocoa, this also adds the perfect amount of sweetness to the recipe. I also love that theirs milk chocolate chips as well, (hints the name, double fudge!)

You can also make these non-alcohol for kids and those who don’t like liqueur by substituting it with Irish Cream Coffee Creamer that taste just as good!

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