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This Panera Copycat Baked Potato Soup Is As Good As The Original!

Panera Bread Copycat Baked Potato Soup

Panera Bread is by far my favorite chain restaurant! The food is always fresh, filling, and delicious. Their pastas are great, but one of my favorite things to order from Panera is their Baked Potato Soup!

Panera Bread Copycat Baked Potato SoupI could never quite figure out how they managed to pack it with such amazing flavor. When I came across this recipe for a Panera Copycat Baked Potato Soup, I was shocked to see chicken stock on the ingredient list! I knew I HAD to make this and see if it tasted just as good.

Sure enough, this soup came out with the same deliciously creamy taste!

Head to PAGE 2 to get the recipe and see how to put it all together!

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