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Have You Ever Tried Stuffed BLT Avocados? YUM!

Stuffed BLT Avocados Recipe

I love a great BLT sandwich with giant fresh tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and piled high with crispy bacon. Get all the greatness of a giant BLT, packed into one of the yummiest superfoods on the planet..Avocados!

Stuffed BLT Avocados are a phenomenal idea and taste so good! In the video they leave the peel on the Avocado, but I like to take it off so that I can pick up the whole thing and bite into it.

The toasted bread cubes really give the meal substance and texture. This is a great appetizer or lunch for anybody who needs a quick and delicious dish to eat.

Head to the next page to watch the video tutorial to see how to make your own Stuffed BLT Avocados.

Stuffed BLT Avocados Video Recipe

It only takes about 10 minutes total to make and honestly couldn’t be a better idea!

And these are definitely tastier than a typical BLT sandwich.

This is the only way I like to eat avocados. I just don’t care for them plain, but the added bacon, tomatoes and other ingredients in this quick and easy recipe tastes so good!

Try this recipe and see what you think! It may change your mind about avocados like it did for me 🙂

Watch The Video Tutorial Below For Recipe Instructions:

 My Thanks go to Tip Hero for this delicious recipe and featured image.

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